Store hours and location?

Reuse Revolution is located in Bridge Park’s North Market at 6750 Longshore Street, Dublin, Ohio 43017. We are open Sunday 10am-5:30pm, Monday/Tuesday 11am - 7pm, Wednesday - Friday 11am - 7:30pm, and Saturday 9:30am - 7:30pm. Look for the blue wave wall, which represents our planet’s oceans that we care so much about protecting and cleaning.

But I recycle, isn’t that enough?


What is single use plastic and why is it bad?

Single use applies to anything that is used one time then thrown away. This was the 2018 word of the year, (even though it is two words - ha). Plastic straws, plastic coffee cups, plastic water bottles, saran wrap, plastic food containers, to-go cups, soft plastic grocery bags, single use napkins wrapped in plastic, etc.

Plastic serves its purpose in the medical industry among other things. Plastic inventions have provided life saving and life improving functions for many people and animals since it was created decades ago. In today’s world, it has become painfully obvious that we need to question plastic’s broad uses and mass production on more than just Earth Day. If plastic isn’t at least BPA free, it can disrupt our endocrine systems, become litter that pollutes the land and sea while potentially harming wild life and disrupting whole eco systems. Plastic breaks down and the chemical composition is compromised which means it can leach into our water and land. Plastic can be consumed by the animals humans eat, or pollute the vegetation we harvest and consume. There was a recent study done showing a frightening majority of young people have BPA in their urine and stool samples. The tiny pieces that plastic breaks up into are called micro plastic, which never go away.

There is no way to effectively recollect or pick up all of the micro plastic on our planet, although there are promising and exciting advancements in ocean clean up happening right now. There are many awesome articles linked on the plastic topic in our community section. One need not look further than a photo of an animal being strangled by a six pack ring, or a turtle with a warped shell, or a turtle with a straw impaling its nostril, or a turtle mistakenly eating a grocery bag instead of a jelly fish, or a seahorse curling its tail around a plastic q-tip, to realize plastic’s impact on this planet.

I care about these problems, but I don’t make a difference. It isn’t my fault.

“It is only one straw.” -said 7 BILLION people. You can insert any disposable item to replace the word straw. It is only one coffee cup. It is only one plastic toothbrush. It is only one shampoo bottle. It is only one dryer sheet. It is only one tampon applicator. It is only one coffee stir stick.

You matter, your voice and actions matter. Lead by example. Thank you for caring and taking initiative!

What is your return policy?

We believe in order to engender change, we must shake up the norms in our society. Consumer returns account for a crazy amount of landfill and ocean trash. By not accepting returns, we are encouraging everyone to think before they make a purchase. If your purchases are not made of biodegradable materials and packaging, are they made of reusable materials and packaging? Do your purchases help reduce your single use disposable waste? Do your purchases bring you joy? Are you purchasing high quality reusable products that will have a long life; as compared to cheap/easily breakable items that will end up in your trash or “recycling” bin soon? Think before you choose to purchase, to ensure that you truly want the item you are buying. Of course, if there is a defective issue with your product, email us photos and a description of the defect within five days of receiving the item. We will remedy the situation.

What are your sales taxes & shipping costs?

As required, we charge sales tax based upon the shipping address of our customers. Shipping costs are dependent on multiple factors, including but not limited to: product weight, size and delivery location.

How are you environmentally friendly?

TLDR: We ask that our partners use as little packaging as possible & we do the same. We use only biodegradable or recyclable packaging including biodegradable paper tape. We are working to find the most sustainable shipping label stickers that aren’t compromised in inclement weather.

Details elaborated: We recognize that recycling can’t keep up with our world’s production and consumption, but recycled reusable materials still serve a wonderful purpose. We use shipping boxes and envelopes made from recycled materials, plus biodegradable paper tape when mailing out our products. Our storage facility is comprised of biodegradable, recyclable and hand-me-down materials for shelving and storing these amazing reusable products. If we cannot reuse our boxes for storage or building forts, once in a blue moon, we will flex our love of reusable products by reusing boxes or packaging paper that was shipped to us by the amazing brands with whom we partner. We partner with brands who place value on biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials. If we come across changes in packaging materials, we address this with our vendor partners and we also try to remove any and all plastic tags or wrapping from all products before shipping as we believe the burden of disposing of packaging should be on the business and not always/only on the consumer. The less unnecessary product packaging, the better. *We will leave the seal on any products such as makeup remover glass bottles that potentially may leak in transit unless you leave us a special note requesting we remove this seal. These seals can be recycled at your participating local grocery store where soft plastic bags are accepted back from consumers.

Are companies or individuals responsible for the current amount of trash on our planet?

We believe companies respond to how individuals behave. It is called meeting the demand. If the demand for certain things doesn’t exist, theoretically those things will not continue to be produced.

If individuals as consumers resist buying trends marketed by corporations, corporations will then have to respond by changing; whether it be changing their production methods or quantities or components, etc. If we refuse plastic straws and plastic grocery bags for instance, companies will manufacture less and purchase less of these products as there will be a lower demand. If we know clothing is being made by children or adults without a living wage in another country, or our own country, we can choose to purchase more ethically made alternatives. This will decrease that particular company’s sales, profits, buying power, marketing power, etc, until that company eventually either has to change their methods, again to meet consumer demand, or they will potentially go out of business. Companies around the world restructure frequently to meet changing markets and consumer needs. Vote with your dollars :)

What does EOL mean?

This acronym stands for “end of life” which refers to what happens to a product when you’re done using it. End of life for sustainable products can be anything other than contributing more trash to the landfill. Think along the lines of, composting organic cotton which is biodegradable, or recycling stainless steel razors, (as compared to plastic razors which aren’t accepted or processed everywhere). Many people prefer aluminum and steel materials instead of recyclable plastic due to the fact that aluminum and steel can be recycled over and over again without losing the material’s quality; while plastic cannot. We always encourage people to do their own research to supplement what they find online. Here is an article to get you started.

How are you consumer friendly?

Just like you, we have existed in this consumerism world for our whole lives. The founder of Reuse Revolution, Christy, grew up working in the retail and customer service industries in high school and college before working as a wedding planner then event coordinator and non-profit consultant for a decade. All of this has led her to be a huge stickler for customer service and professionalism. We care about awesome and fun products, but how we treat each other is also important. Anything we sell has been vetted by us & we believe it to be a sustainable alternative to trashy single use disposable options currently available.

Do you always have TerraCycle boxes available to customers in the store?

TerraCycle boxes cost anywhere between $200-$460 dollars and we offer this recycling as a free service for our customers and community members. But we are a small business trying to survive a pandemic. This means that, unfortunately, we do not always have it in our budget to have a continuous stream of boxes in the store. We are very grateful to the people have donated to our cause and are working hard on trying to get another "all you waste" box back into our store as soon as possible. We try to be as transparent as possible on Instagram about our TerraCycle situation so if you are ever unsure if we have a box, just DM us or give us a call to check before you come in!

In the meantime, we recommend:

1) Checking out TerraCycle's website to learn more about their program. On their website you may also find alternative drop-off locations (but remember to check with that business/location first!)

2) Talking with your neighbors and see if you can collectively raise the funds to have your own box in your neighborhood.

3) Familiarizing yourself with Rumpke (or whoever your waste collector is) to see their updated list of accepted recyclables.

4) Trying to reduce plastics as much as you can. We know in today’s world you can’t always escape plastic but check out our posts and products for great recommendations on how to reduce your plastic and single-use consumption!