Biodegradable Sequins Glitter - Mermaid



Chunky Biodegradable Glitter Mix

If you have been searching the high seas for the perfect mermaid glitter, look no further, the MERMAID mix is here! A complex concoction of aquas, blues, greens, and silver, this ocean-friendly mix of shiny stuff offers both beauty and depth. This chunky glitter mix uses our largest particle size biodegradable glitter for maximum effect, yet it still has all the same amazing qualities as our fine glitter blends.

Micro plastic is terrible. That is why biodegradable glitter is the way to go. “…knowing that those teeny tiny bits of plastic would be around forever, ending up in the ocean and polluting our marine ecosystem.” You can be proud knowing you’re choosing better for Mother Earth! Also, you’re lessening your chance of contributing micro plastic to your next meal :) Win, Win.