Cotton Facial Rounds - Handmade cotton crotchet


What is one of the best ways to reduce your trash in the bathroom? Ditch disposable facial rounds and opt for these amazing, handmade, crotchet cotton facial rounds. Reusable, and biodegradable, this amazing zero waste/low waste bathroom swap will leave you and your skin feeling amazing.

Simply rinse face/wash regularly - removing makeup with this round. Use crotchet rounds to scrub and exfoliate your skin with whatever product you use on your face (coconut oil, face wash, olive oil, etc).. Beware of harsh scrubbing, your face and these rounds prefer a gentle touch. Allow the rounds to air out between uses. Pro tip: wash either in the washing machine, or by hand, but if you choose the washing machine: slip multiple rounds into a sock to keep them together and protected.

These fit nicely in our wooden facial rounds holder. You can also use a mesh bag to keep them together and protected in the washer. Allow to air dry.

Sold individually, or in a set of three or a set of eight.