Infuse Organics - Balm Bar


Balm Bar 2.5oz contains two large, long-lasting, palm-sized bars perfect for anywhere you need skin treatment and relief from dryness, abrasions, and itching. 


  • Non-greasy moisturizing of the lips, hands, face, and body
  • Treats dry, cracked skin and lips
  • Protection from wind and elements prior to exposure (not an SPF)
  • Soothes sunburn and windburn
  • Relieves itching from bug bites and poison ivy
  • Protects and adheres calluses to skin- great for climbers, weight lifters, gymnasts, and all of us who work hard with our hands and want those rough parts, because we need them
  • Clinically proven agents offer first aid for minor cuts, scrapes, burns (do not apply to large or open wounds)
  • Contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to resist bacterial growth, based on published, peer-reviewed research reports
  • Water-resistant properties allow Balm Bar to stay put to protect skin when frequently washing hands