Urban Oreganic's Rosewater Toner


Urban Oreganic’s skin-brightening rosewater toner is perfect for you whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin! Toners are to be used in your beauty routine after cleansing and before moisturizing. This toner removes impurities and dirt left on your skin after cleansing, leaving your pores tight and preparing your face to fully absorb a moisturizer.

Pairs perfectly with our reusable cotton/facial rounds.

Ingredients and Benefits
Urban Oreganics’ ingredients are always 100% natural & vegan.

  • distilled rosewater: anti inflammatory, anti aging, soothes irritated skin

  • alcohol-free witch hazel*: anti inflammatory, soothes irritated skin, locks in moisture, protects against sun damage

  • apple cider vinegar*: treats acne, unclogs and minimizes pores, anti aging, anti bacterial

  • lemon juice*: brightens and evens skin tone, treats acne, reduces the appearance of scars and sun spots, exfoliates


4 oz. glass bottle

We recommend mixing in a few drops of pure essential oil for the following benefits:

  • lavender: stress relief, anti inflammatory, enhances blood circulation

  • grapefruit: treats discoloration/pigmentation, protects against sun damage, anti aging

  • melaleuca (tea tree): acne-fighting, repels insects, relieves eczema and psoriasis

  • lemongrass: sterilizes pores, strengthens skin tissue, bug repellent, antiseptic

  • frankincense: treats acne, anti-aging, relieves razor burn, strengthens nails