Lotte Naturals Sweet Kiss Push Up Lip Conditioner


Lotte Naturals' Sweet Kiss Lip Conditioner is now in a biodegradable push-up container. This gentle blend contains lip soothing avocado oil, olive oil, rosehip seed, and shea butter. These oils are known to absorb beautifully into lips to provide intense moisture and healing. They provide vitamins such as A, D, and E, and rich in antioxidants to help lips heal and stay healthy. Carrot seed is super saturated in a vitamin E and C to heal dry, chapped, and cracked lips. Packed full of omega fatty acids to help soothe and plump lips. With a splash of grapefruit for extra moisture and sweet scent. Lather and enjoy soft, moisturized lips all day!

Great for on the go! 

Use daily or as needed on lips to help heal, soften, and moisturize. 

We recommend to not leave Sweet Kiss Lip Conditioner in a hot car as the product may soften or melt. 

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